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sunillnambiar (Tumblr):

Gorgeous paintings!

cuberro (Tumblr):

i've been observing your paintings, and my, my, they're very interesting! they manage to speak to me when they match my talents and personality, while keeping a mesmerizing appearance that catches the eye with wonderfully-chosen colors. I just love your works very much. keep up the good work!

beige-vinyl-interior (Tumblr):

Please tell me about you work. I absolutely love "soul no. 10"!!

lifeisonlynew (Tumblr):

Just wanted to say I really really enjoy your art, especially #9... I can't stop looking at it. Amazing work.

jennbeans (Tumblr):

Your paintings are incredible and inspiring.

hannahhearsawho (Tumblr):

Your art is amazing. Truly inspiring. Keep up your work, Darling. You'll inspire the world. <3

starfetti (Tumblr):

Wow, your artwork is brilliant.

ryadom (Tumblr):

Hello, amazing work (love #12)! 

killbog (Tumblr):

Beautiful rich art. Thank you.

danceofcrows (Tumblr):

I cant stop staring at your paintings now, the colors look so stunning, it feels like it's vibrating on the back of my head, I don't know how else to explain, but they're surely captivating! Best of luck in your endeavors.

acknowledgetheabsurd (Tumblr):

Great art work, i dig it :)

norfolknativee (Tumblr):

your paintings are beyond beautiful.

radiokills (Tumblr):

I really love you artwork it's very unique and amazing. I also love your though on art and creativity l, what it means to you. It's great to see people appreciate art and creativity.

valatyr-blog (Tumblr):

Your art is beautiful.

komototunnel (Tumblr):

I was looking through your blog, and your paintings are really awesome. I definitely look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

firstandlastgrey (Tumblr):

Your artwork is amazing I only scanned it so far but GORGEOUS!! 9 & 12 are my favorites so far. I hope to see more of your work!

somewhatnewtothis (Tumblr):

Your art is very interesting and thought provoking.

pupsnout (Tumblr):

Your art is great :)

glitter-tit (Tumblr):

Your artwork kind of reminds me of Jackson Pollock, I like it. I see a lot of movement and figures in your 'soul' pieces :)

richterbelmont (Tumblr):

Beautiful work!!!

resistance-red-panda (Tumblr):

Just took a quick gander at your paintings. They're wonderful! I love your color choice, it really brings attention!

fakeaphrodite (Tumblr):

Your paintings are so wonderful, I love them because they are so honest and emotional. Your "soul" pieces are really inspiring as well as "a snowmans death." Keep up the fantastic painting!

quartzandroses (Tumblr):

Wow your art is lovely! Very expressive and emotional, almost brings out my innermost emotions.

badraaji (Tumblr):

Hi Tony, I love your paintings. I think they're very bold and there's something very honest and 'brave' about it. I can't really explain it, but love them.

thesunflower23 (Tumblr):

Your art is totes bomb yo! Like damn! PEACE!✌️🌻🌻✌️

tommostrunk (Tumblr):

You make really cool art! I would try to guess the soul before reading what you named it and I was usually pretty close.

emmalouisehill (Tumblr):

Your art work is simply stunning. So much depth and meaning to each piece I could stare at them for hours. You should be very proud you have an extraordinary talent.

concerto4art-and-education (Tumblr):

Not my cup of tea, but I do think it's good work. Most of the soul paintings made immediate sense once I read the title.

acidd-faerie (Tumblr):

Each piece of the 21souls are beautiful! Breath taking!

katesaubestre (Tumblr):

I find your works very beautiful and appreciate your work for what you are trying to do, represent un untangle thing (the soul) into a physical object.

boopbird (Tumblr):

i really enjoy your series, and the almost childlike strokes. I love that in most paintings you seem to perfectly capture souls of beings in such a chaotic, abstract sense. it leaves the viewer with a chance to form their own opinion about the painting and that in itself is wonderful! 

bestwishes--littlefishes (Tumblr):

Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your art. I am trying to become more acquainted with painting and your work has really inspired me. Such talent!

onthatslither (Tumblr):

Nice work man!

gingersmack (Tumblr):

Just letting you know, I'm loving Philosopher's Soul. I'm seeing a haze of desperate thought, controlled by a steady stream of dark consciousness. It blends into a mix of muted wisdom. Loving the idea of drawing souls.

your-last-cigarettee (Tumblr):

Hi ! I really like your style. I know that it is probably hard for many people to understand your paintings but there are always people who are open for a deeper meaning. I try to be in this second group. Keep going, followed, ready for next ones!

phenylketonurics (Tumblr):

Your "Souls" series is deeply fascinating, inspiring work. The textural quality paired with the palette scheme in each piece makes me really want to interact with them in physical space... if only! I feel like lighting plays a huge role in the dramatic style of your work! Gratitude for sharing your work with us!

pasticciando (Tumblr):

Hey Tony bellissimo blog i quadri sono stupendi e mi piace moltissimo il viso nascosto (sky) e Ocean's soul ma soprattutto Soul no 12. It's wonderful. Anto

love-sickmelody (Tumblr):

Love your artwork 💕💕

buhandwuh (Tumblr):

Your art work is beautiful. I would love to have suicide's soul hanging in my house, it is my favourite one. x

anonymous (Tumblr):

Hello! Your artwork truly fascinates me (my favorite is possibly Hunt's Soul). The colors and design are very interesting and full of contrast.

bluemoonhound (Tumblr):

I really like no. 20, it's beautiful, but I like the balance you have in all of these pictures. 

kumo-sama (Tumblr):

Your souls are breath taking, each soul has a very deep meanings you're really capable to touch ones soul , I can relate to a lot hunter soul , suicidal soul , madman soul , Marta's soul ,and artist soul is indeed a brilliant one.

chlorofluoro-artist (Tumblr):

Hello I really like your art! The colours are really cool for each soul it makes me want to make palettes out of it to use in digital! Please keep making cool art!

quodrevixit (Tumblr):

id love to know more about soul 3 dreamers soul it's breathtaking.

Comments from Tumblr:

ayoafriickaa (Tumblr):

Hello, i just want to say that you're an amazing artist.

(Soul No 1: #Artist’s Soul (2013) ) just got me like woahh!

jxrdvnlxvegrxve聽 (Tumblr):

I really love your work that I've seen, it's inspiring!

payasaillustration (Tumblr):

Your paintings are so enticing! <3

dcolusanya (Tumblr):

Im not an art person but i really like your paintings. They say so much.

superanyaspaperhatworld (Tumblr):

I really enjoy your paintings! There are so many emotions in them! Please, continue what you doing because people love it.

anonymous (Tumblr):

As I look through your paintings I find myself being left oddly satisfied. Something about the combination of colors and the way my eyes wander around the picture makes me feel like I am using my own creativity by witnessing yours. 

eleanorleech (Tumblr):

Beautiful art tonyviber, keep creating :)

evaxmarie (Tumblr):

I really love the soul series you've been putting out. Each one is so unique and beautiful. When I saw your paintings, I felt like I had been looking for them forever. 

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