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Souls - abstract oil paintings made on canvas, with hidden shapes, symbols and meanings, representing my main art message - feel the world, before valuating it.


Nowadays people with their senseless and detached approach to the world impels my art mission - to help them find more integrated way of existence through better feeling of the inner/outer universe.

Souls encourages this way - you have to feel the painting in order to receive its message for you, and the message is always personal!


Souls aren't plain & simple, neither they reveal one truth. Each viewer receives from it different images and emotions, depending on his inner self.


Face Souls, try to merge with one of them, spend some time together, now try to feel what it says to you. Contemplate the answer. Spend some more time together…

No rush, it takes time…

Artists who influenced my art:

Mark Rothko - by emotions and symbolic meanings in his art which were more important than exact shapes or colors.

Joan Miro - by his unique art technique called automatic drawing, which main principles became the fundament of my style.

Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning - by their unique and highly liberated painting technique, known as action painting - significant element of my art.

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