Born in Siauliai, Lithuania in 1984, Antanas Savickis (Tony Viber) is a self-taught abstract artist, famous for his Souls painting series - abstract oil paintings on canvas, with hidden shapes, symbols and meanings. He is currently living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In 2012 Antanas went to Moscow to study a PhD in Hermeneutics. His leisure time was spent painting. Soon a love of painting turned into an obsession. Antanas tried different techniques up until early 2013, at that time he discovered his own unique style; he creates his first Soul. Later the same year Antanas is invited to exhibit his works in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

In 2014, Antanas completes a series of paintings called 21 Souls, quits his PhD studies and returns to Lithuania. As he explains it, he was “in search of inspiration for new Souls”. 

In 2015, Antanas relocates to Dubai and renews his artistic activity, with fresh insights. From the spring of 2017, he completes a number of successful group and solo exhibitions, in Dubai and Seoul. Antanas continues to look for opportunities to showcase his art internationally.